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I am a third generation artist who grew up in my father’s studio watching him draw and paint for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate to learn many things from him, especially my love of art. My Grandfather was also a painter, and I was called to continue in the family tradition. After a childhood of drawing and painting I went to school to develop my ability and push my artistic self onward. My love and ability with pencil continued and improved, as well as painting. (At least, I prefer to think they did…) But college opened my eyes to two areas of art I had yet to work with; Sculpture, a form I had always been interested in – and Digital, something I thought at that time was only used for word processing.

My experience with sculpture in school created a lifelong love, and once I found my footing (and arcane imaging programs key board short cuts) in the digital world, I never looked back.
While I love the multi sensory environment and physical solidity of traditional art, I am enchanted with the sorcery of digital art. I use drawing, painting, animation and 3D modeling. In essence having a complete Digital Studio. The world of art has exploded with potential thanks to the various software that facilitate the creative process.

I have been asked about my creative process and I like to characterize it this way- in my mind I am standing still while a vortex swirls around me. I am in the eye of the tornado, the center of the storm. Thoughts whip by at great speed, like debris blown by the storm, slowing only when I focus on them. Then they continue on their way, only to eventually circle around and come back around again. The only way I have found to quiet them, and make the thoughts leave the vortex is to create them. Once inspired, I am compelled to make the image or form.
I teach at a small community college in New England, full of wonderful students, faculty and staff. I love to teach and feel fortunate to have such a career and community. When not teaching college, I run a small Ju-Jitsu Dojo, practicing a physical form of art that calls to me as strongly as the visual arts.

I am happy to add that my intelligent and creative children have all shown great interest in art and has been painting, drawing and sculpting at my side every chance they get. All of them have taken to creating artwork on their own and show a growing appreciation and love for art. In fact, all of them have shown and sold some of their work at past art shows. It is a wonderful thing to be able to share with them.

If any of my work calls to you, please let me know. Even if you are not in the market to purchase a piece at the moment, I for one love to have conversations that might be inspired due to a reaction that my artwork generates. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work, and thank you again if you were interested enough to read this bio!

Digital Prints

Copper Repoussee Drawings


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